We will feature projects from forum users here, submit your ArduiNIX project and we'll showcase it!

Jacob Jones sends in his beautiful clock using ArduiNIX -

Zim sent me an email about his ArduiNIX Blog - SUPERCOOL. Check it out.

Forum member Masoste is cooking up this with the ArduiNIX

Thos_thom posts this hardcore project - he etched his own tube board!

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Out of Twitter comes these two kits: Schmarty and Gumbercules! via HackPGH!

Forum member GeekSkunk posted in the forums about his ArduiNIX Project.

Find out more about this slick nixie display here:

ArduiNIX Testbed 1 - IN-17 tubes and INS-01 lamps - Lit up and ticking! Here we use common IDE ribbon cable to bridge between the ArduiNIX and the protoboard housing the tubes. Special note when building your display, make sure to use resistors between the anode power supply and the anode pin on the tube to even out voltage. 10K works best for us.

The ArduiNIX is a RobotPirate Project; a nonentity production : Questions? Email Bradley